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Queer Land Trust working to preserve affordable housing, stop displacement of the LGBT community
June 21, 2018
A land trust is seeking to raise $5 million to purchase property to conserve LGBT strongholds in and around San Francisco, starting with the building housing the Sausage Factory restaurant. »
| San Francisco, CA ARTICLES | #GaySF | @ILoveGaySF |
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The singular needs of LGBT seniors: San Francisco funds training for workers
June 19, 2018
It can be as simple as guiding someone to a toilet instead of a urinal, or pausing to consider which pronoun to use when addressing a dementia patient or the person’s partner. Growing awareness of gender identities and sexual orientations is prompting policy changes in law enforcement, medical care and the military. Now, in the Bay Area, advocates hope it will also change how professional caregive...
| San Francisco, CA ARTICLES | #GaySF | @ILoveGaySF |
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The LGBT community is generationally fractured, but one organization thinks it can fix that
June 15, 2018
Keeping up with younger generations of queer people has been a struggle for 72-year-old Hector Zuazo
| Miami, FL ARTICLES | #GayMiami | @ILoveGayMiami |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

5 Big Threats to the Best LGBT Retirement
June 13, 2018
Like all Americans, lesbians and gays are not immune to the looming retirement crisis. We also face a slew of additional challenges when compared to our straight counterparts. We also enjoy many advantages. Don't let these 5 threats to the best LGBT retirement derail you dream golden years.
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
| Finance ARTICLES | #LGBTFinance | @ILoveGayFinance |

Gay boomers look ahead to an old age colored by uncertainty and the help of friends
June 11, 2018
Some gay and lesbian baby boomers lack the extended family networks that straight people can count on to provide inter-generational support, relying instead on their peers.
| Boston, MA ARTICLES | #GayBoston | @ILoveGayBoston |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

Old and gay: Doc aims to smash stereotypes, call out ageism and make you laugh
June 09, 2018
When an interview subject said this to Steen Starr, it just clicked for the Toronto-based filmmaker from Hanna, Alta. "I hadn't heard anybody say it so succinctly," Starr told The Homestretch. "I started to think about the film when I turned 50 when I started to think about aging
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
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Honoring My Older Gay Brother on 'LGBT Elders Day'
May 19, 2018
It's no surprise to me that the two causes I am most passionate about, HIV and addiction -- the two issues that drive my activism -- are both things that my older brother, Richard "Dick" King, cared about first. He showed me the way.
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
| Health & Fitness ARTICLES | #GayHealth | @ILoveGayHealth |

AARP Illinois: Pride Action Tank Announces Report And Launches Project To Support LGBT Older Adults
May 19, 2018
| Chicago, IL ARTICLES | #GayChicago | @ILoveGayChicago |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
| Health & Fitness ARTICLES | #GayHealth | @ILoveGayHealth |

New frontier for gay rights: Bias and bullying in senior housing
May 18, 2018
The Merion, an Evanston senior living community, recently became the first in the state to achieve the top lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender competency credential, a move that reflects a growing awareness of the challenges facing LGBT elders in senior housing.
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

LGBT Older Adults to be Celebrated on May 16 During ’National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day’
May 16, 2018
Wednesday, May 16
| Baltimore, MD ARTICLES | #GayBaltimore | @ILoveGayBWI |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
| Erotica ARTICLES | #GayErotica |

Interview With an Old Person: Evelyn Hill, age 82, from Brooklyn.
May 02, 2018
“We hit it off pretty nice, and that’s when I told the kids, I think a lady’s coming here to see me.”
| New York City, NY ARTICLES | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

Alabama's first openly gay lawmaker to lead LGBTQ coalition
May 02, 2018
Alabama's first openly gay lawmaker will head an LGBTQ coalition in Florida after her retirement this year. Democratic Rep. Patricia Todd from Birmingham has accepted a job as the executive director of One Orlando Alliance, a coalition of LGBTQ organizations formed after the PULSE gay nightclub shooting in 2016.
| Orlando, FL ARTICLES | #GayOrlando | @ILoveGayFlorida |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
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LGBTQ seniors in New Jersey seek welcoming places to live
May 01, 2018
Cape May County resident Vince Grimm will be 81 in September, and like other LGBTQ seniors in New Jersey, he's downsizing and considering his next step.
| Newark, NJ ARTICLES | #GayNJ | @ILoveGayNJ |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

San Diego's First Affordable Senior Housing Community Designed To Support LGBT Seniors
April 28, 2018
The new North Park Senior Apartments have 75 units with rents ranging from $740 for a studio to $1,150 for a two-bedroom apartment.
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

PRESS PASS Q: Elder issues on the radar of some LGBT media
April 26, 2018
by Joe Siegel A recently released survey by AARP shows older LGBT adults worry most about three things: having adequate family an
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |
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