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New CU School of Medicine portrait exhibit presents real people behind the letters LGBTQ+
October 291, 2021
“I do think when you see someone and hear their story, it does make you think differently and doesn't make it as easy to look away. And that was one of the things I hope people would do with this exhibit is have it stay with them," says Carey Candrian, the associate professor at the CU School of Medicine behind the series.
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The American Association of University Women, Santa Maria Public Library, and LGBTQ-plus nonprofits partner on panel
October 287, 2021
After a family member faced a lack of understanding of their gender identity from the community, Lata Murti decided to create an LGBTQ+ educational opportunity for Santa Maria’s residents.
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Study reveals positive developments for LGBT Austinites
October 287, 2021
On Tuesday, Austin’s LGBTQ+ Quality of Life Commission presented its first ever LGBTQIA+ quality of life study to City Council. Overall, the report paints a nuanced but optimistic picture for LGBT Austinites. The report, which has been in the works…
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Knox Pride center in South Knoxville offers resources
October 286, 2021
"We want this place to be a tangible source of hope," with job fairs, affirmation events and more, says president John Camp.
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LGBT Center Opens in South Sac
October 285, 2021
The Marsha P. Johnson Center South, the Sacramento LGBT Community Center’s new location in South Sacramento opened recently in June.
| Sacramento, CA ARTICLES | @IloveGaySAC |
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Imperial Valley’s LGBT Center gears up to celebrate PRIDE
October 282, 2021
The LGBT center is hosting its PRIDE event on Saturday at 5 pm at Stark Field in El Centro. 
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Santa Maria Public Library to celebrate Coming Out Day with LGBTQ+ panel
October 277, 2021
The Santa Maria Public Library is inviting the community to an Oct. 9 panel focused on affirming sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in recognition of National Coming Out Day.
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What Is the #ILoveGay 360° Multimedia Network

What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Consumers?
To be the Best Community Hub
for all LGBTQ+ social conversations
related to a specific region or theme.

What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Businesses?
To be the Best Brand to work with
when targeting the LGBTQ+ community online,
blending influencer marketing, content marketing and social media
as well as traditional online strategies.

How Do We Do It?
We find the right mix of curating, sharing, and liking content,
as well as following social media users, while staying "on brand".
We promote content, including advertisers', at the social media post level,
you know, just like an LGBTQ+ influencer would ;-)

More About Our Reach

Social Media Reach from our #ILoveGay social media networks
(including @ILoveLGBTTravel, @ILoveGayLGBT, @ILoveLGBTBiz,
@PinkMediaWorld and @ILoveGayViews) is now
over 700,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram combined.

  • Twitter: 650,000+ followers
  • Facebook: 25,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 5,000+ followers

Prices start at $500

Interested in pursuing this
#ILoveGay 360° Multimedia marketing program and strategy
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Why Hire Us?

With #ILoveGay, we have developed a trusted brand
in the LGBTQ+ online community, whereby we have
stayed engaged with our followers and built up
their trust and loyalty over the past few years.
They know that when we like, share and post,
the content we're engaged with will be high quality.
We can help bring your brand into this loyal #ILoveGay Network.

Each #ILoveGay profile stays true to its niche,
whether that's @ILoveGayTheatre or @ILoveGayNYC...
following and engaging only with individuals and businesses
in the LGBTQ+ theatre world or the LGBTQ+ NYC community, respectively.
We can target your message directly to the niche audiences that are
right for you, and we can enhance these posts with paid advertising
to reach deeper into this niche audience,
as well as duplicate this level of hyper-targeting on Facebook and Instagram
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We have spent years cultivating relationships with
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You're letting someone else talk about you to the LGBTQ+ community online.
Yes, you can promote yourself directly, but sometimes the message has
more credibility when you let someone else talk about your business as well.

You are leveraging our company's 25+ years in the LGBTQ+ marketplace.

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