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One Last Night in Mexico City’s LGBT Time Warp
September 15, 2017
The bars and clubs around Avenida República de Cuba have long made up Mexico City’s queer nightlife hub, but today, their future hangs in the balance.
| Mexico City, DF ARTICLES | #GayMexico | @ILoveGayMexico |
| Bar Life ARTICLES | #GayBars | @ILoveGayBars |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Pansy Craze: the wild 1930s drag parties that kickstarted gay nightlife
September 15, 2017
Early drag queens like Jean Malin helped bohemian gay culture thrive – before mob violence, Nazism and Hollywood homophobia drove it back underground
| Los Angeles, CA ARTICLES | #GayLA | @ILoveGayLA |
| Drag ARTICLES | #DragQueen | @ILoveGayDrag |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Exploring Capitol Hill's oldest gay bars, and their future
September 15, 2017
The landscape in which Seattle gay bars flourished in the 1970s is gone now. And the scene that's left - well, now the scene is different.
| Seattle, WA ARTICLES | #GaySeattle | @ILoveGaySeattle |
| Bar Life ARTICLES | #GayBars | @ILoveGayBars |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

How Palm Springs Became a Gay Mecca
September 13, 2017
Though Palm Springs may be a gay mecca today, for years a conservative “old guard” ruled this resort town, insisting “alternative lifestyles” stay hidden.
| Palm Springs, CA ARTICLES | #GayPalmSprings | @ILoveGayPS |
| Fashionista ARTICLES | #GayFashion |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

A return to Chicago’s 1980s gay paradise, the Belmont Rocks
September 07, 2017
The Belmont Rocks was one of the city's most significant public LGBTQ destinations. Now author Owen Keehnen is assembling an oral history of the dearly departed lakeside cruising spot.
| Chicago, IL ARTICLES | #GayChicago | @ILoveGayChicago |
| Writer ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Gay San Francisco: Scenes From the Tenderloin’s Early Queer Movements
September 07, 2017
The Tenderloin’s queer history is getting a lot of attention these days. Tonight at the Tenderloin Museum this history comes to life. The Museum is showing the legendary documentary Gay San Francisco, for the first time in its entirety. The film offers a rare look into the Tenderloin’s early queer movements during the ‘60s and ‘70s.
| San Francisco, CA ARTICLES | #GaySF | @ILoveGaySF |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

For LGBT History Month (October), New Book Stonewall Strong Celebrates Gay Men’s Resilience
September 06, 2017
On October 8, Rowman & Littlefield is publishing Stonewall Strong: Gay Men’s Heroic Fight for Resilience, Good Health, and a Strong Community by longtime health journalist John-Manuel Andriote.…
| Writer ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

New exhibit features stories from Indiana's LGBT community
September 06, 2017
The Indiana Historical Society will host a fall exhibit featuring stories from Indiana's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community—both past and present—with the opening of a new exhibit,
| Indianapolis, IN ARTICLES | #GayIndy | @ILoveGayIndy |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

New book, exhibit sharing stories of LGBT military members
September 05, 2017
A local 'one of a kind' museum is sharing intimate stories, some never told before, from LGBTQ members of the military.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Military ARTICLES | #GayMilitary |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Resurrecting the Gay History of the Holocaust
September 02, 2017
Pacifico Silano's "Against Nature" explores an often overlooked and frequently overlooked period of LGBT history: the persecution of gay men by the Nazis.
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

The history of LGBTQ people isn’t being taught in our schools
September 02, 2017
Understanding LGBTQ history beyond Harvey Milk and Stonewall.
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Decades of Decadence: How New Orleans' 'gay Mardi Gras' got started
August 30, 2017
Part of a New Orleans tricentennial series on the people and events that connect and inspire us.
| New Orleans, LA ARTICLES | #GayNOLA | @ILoveGayNOLA |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Mark Merlis, novelist who explored gay life in 20th-century America, dies at 67
August 24, 2017
He said he wrote “about how it is to be human,” dismissing the label “gay fiction.”
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Two Lexington gay icons will be topics of presentation
August 23, 2017
The lives of two of Lexington’s earliest gay figures will be explored in “True to Their Nature: The Lives of Sweet Evening Breeze and Henry Faulkner,” presented by Jonathan Coleman, founder of the Faulkner-Morgan Archives, at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Farrish Theatre, Lexington Public Library Central Branch.
| Lexington, KY ARTICLES | @ILoveGayKY |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Walking through the history of Ottawa’s Gay Village
August 22, 2017
Though it only got its official designation as such in 2011, Ottawa’s Gay Village, at Bank and Somerset, has an important place in the history of the city’s LGBT community.
| Ottawa, ON ARTICLES | #GayCanada | @ILoveGayOttawa |
| Designer ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |


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