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An Israeli city just hosted Mideast's first-ever queer history festival (and it's not Tel Aviv)
February 20, 2018
Tel Aviv may grab all of the headlines and plaudits as a gay mecca, but Haifa is determined to grab a piece of the action
| Tel Aviv, Israel ARTICLES | #GayTelAviv | @ILoveGayIsrael |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

The lesbian pioneers who fooled Spain's Catholic Church
February 19, 2018
Their wedding in 1901 remains the only known same-sex marriage in the church's history, the BBC's James Badcock reports.
| Spain ARTICLES | #VisitGaySpain | @VisitGaySpain |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |
| Lesbian | #LesbianLife

‘Convert them, co-opt them, or kill them‘: The ugly fight to pass the LGBTQ-inclusive Chicago Human Rights Ordinance
February 17, 2018
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the dramatic battle in the Chicago City Council.
| Chicago, IL ARTICLES | #GayChicago | @ILoveGayChicago |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Never forget: The 78ers and the origins of Mardi Gras
February 17, 2018
'The First Mardi Gras: Was The Pain worth the Gain? An Afternoon with the 78ers' will be held at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre on February 17.
| Sydney, NSW Australia ARTICLES | #GaySydney | @ILoveGaySydney |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

The message we sent to women and gay men in 1980s Ireland
February 12, 2018
Declan Flynn's Dublin murder and Ireland's shameful reaction - the terrifying message we sent to gay men and women
| Dublin, Ireland ARTICLES | #GayIreland | @ILoveGayIreland |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

The Gay Coffeehouse Where Off-Off Broadway Theater Was Born
February 10, 2018
Remembering the Caffe Cino of 31 Cordelia Street, New York.
| New York City, NY ARTICLES | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Jack Guinness and the queer bible: “If brands have a problem with a gay guy, I don’t want to work with them.”
February 04, 2018
The Queer Bible, a site promoting gay history, has been launched by model Jack Guinness. It has lessons for us all
| London, UK ARTICLES | #GayLondon | @ILoveGayLondon |
| Model ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

‘Couldn’t believe I was seeing it’: Home movies offer rare glimpse of gay life in St. Louis in 1945
February 02, 2018
Dozens of gay men gather for a pool party in a secluded spot in Hillsboro, Missouri. Home movies capture their easy affection and carefree dancing. But they’re not recent videos. The movies were taken in 1945.
| St. Louis, MO ARTICLES | #GayStLouis | @ILoveGayStLouis |
| Movies & Film ARTICLES | #GayFilm | @ILoveGayMovies |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

The Secret History Of Lesbian Women In Australia’s Armed Forces
January 31, 2018
Historians such as Yorick Smaal, Ruth Ford, Graham Willett and Noah Riseman have found that the military attracted substantial numbers of gay and lesbian men and women many decades before the ban on their service was officially lifted. I have interviewed more than 25 lesbian women who served in branches of the Australian military between the 1960s and the present as part of a project examining LGB...
| Australia ARTICLES | #GayAustralia | @ILoveGayOzzies |
| Military ARTICLES | #GayMilitary |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |
| Lesbian | #LesbianLife

LGBTQ history in Palm Springs
January 24, 2018
During the past years we have realized that a large number of LGBTQ citizens have entered races for public office. Much has changed since Harvey Milk became a high ranking San Francisco city official, despite the fact he was openly gay. In Canada, Svend Robinson entered politics and was chosen to be member of parliament for Vancouver suburb of Burnaby. Hailed by Canada’s LGBTQ community as a...
| Palm Springs, CA ARTICLES | #GayPalmSprings | @ILoveGayPS |
| Activist ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Hidden history: Louisiana Research Collection acquires papers of prominent gay activists
January 21, 2018
Researchers interested in the state's civil rights progress may now peruse the letters, diaries and flyers of four prominent gay activists at the Louisiana Research Collection, housed at Tulane University.
| New Orleans, LA ARTICLES | #GayNOLA | @ILoveGayNOLA |
| Activist ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Marin pioneer in gay adoption writes memoir
January 08, 2018
In the upcoming book on Bill Jones’ life, there is one date — Feb. 13, 1969 — that neither he nor anyone else who knows the story can forget.On that day, Jones, then a 39-year-old single man living in San Francisco, officia
| Sonoma, CA ARTICLES | #GaySonoma | @ILoveGaySonoma |
| Adoption ARTICLES | #GayAdoption |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Rediscovering the Pioneering Work of Jewish Gay Activist Leo Skir
January 08, 2018
In the course of my research into LGBTQ Jewish history last year, I came across an essay titled “The Homosexual Ghetto,” published in 1965 in The Ladder, the magazine of the influential lesbian organization The Daughters of Bilitis. My research is part of a project to compile the firs
| Tel Aviv, Israel ARTICLES | #GayTelAviv | @ILoveGayIsrael |
| Activist ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

Women Got ‘Married’ Long Before Gay Marriage
December 29, 2017
Boston marriage was an appealing alternative for women who didn’t want to depend on men.
| Boston, MA ARTICLES | #GayBoston | @ILoveGayBoston |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |
| Lesbian | #LesbianLife

Joseph Nicolosi’s Life Traced the Rise and Fall of the Ex-Gay Movement
December 28, 2017
His life traced the rise and fall of the ex-gay movement.
| New York City, NY ARTICLES | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

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