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The Mercury Theatre Company Turns Cinderella on Its Head in 'Soho Cinders'
June 20, 2018
Okay, sure, Jerry Lewis did it first in Cinderfella, turning the Cinderella story on its head and switching genders of the poor little heroine
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Full Spectrum opens safe haven for LGBT community in Youngstown area
June 09, 2018
The organization offers support groups, resources and a youth program for kids without a stable home life.
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2018 AIDS Walk Greater Dayton
June 07, 2018
The 2018 AIDS Walk Greater Dayton will take place on Friday, June 8, 2018 at Fifth Third Field Plaza in Dayton at 6:00 PM. Proceeds benefit Equitas Health's HIV/AIDS medical care, treatment and prevention work in the Dayton area.
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Symposium To Focus On Trans And Gender Diverse Communities In Rural America
June 06, 2018
The Equitas Health Institute for LGBTQ Health Equity has partnered with Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Ohio University LGBT Center on Rural Voices: Caring for Trans and Gender Diverse Communities, a day-long summit taking place June 7 in Athens, Ohio for health and social service professionals. The focus of the summit is improving access to care and the quality of...
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TransAkron Raises Awareness and Shares Stories of Akron Transgender Community
June 01, 2018
The Gay Community Endowment Fund (GCEF) of Akron Community Foundation has unveiled a new photojournalism series aimed at fighting stereotypes, increasing inclusion for the transgender community, and celebrating Pride Month.
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Central Ohio woman featured in new national ad campaign about LGBT discrimination
April 20, 2018
Jimmie Beall says she was fired from her job as a teacher in a rural Ohio school district in 2003 because of “questions about her sexual orientation.”
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Would a law banning LGBT discrimination be good for Ohio business?
April 19, 2018
Advocates of LGBT rights in Ohio say a non-discrimination law would benefit business in Ohio — but opponents say such rights could hinder free speech and religious freedom.Both supporters and opponents of a bill that would create LGBT protections discussed anti-discrimination laws and their implications at a Columbus Metropolitan Club event Wednesday afternoon.House Bill 160, also called the...
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Brent Spence improvements will level iconic LGBT bar in Cincinnati
February 03, 2018
A relic in the Cincinnati LGBT Community will be torn down to make way for future Brent Spence Bridge improvements. The Ohio Transportation Department bought The Dock Bar in order to level it. The Dock Bar is just one of several properties ODOT officials say they plan to obtain to begin improvements for the Brent Spence project, but that doesn't make the news any easier for those work at and loved...
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Jonathan Bardzik: Scoring big with game day snacks!
February 01, 2018
My grad school roommate, Adam, hated Super Bowl parties. However, he loved football and would never miss watching the big game. My husband, Jason, is also a football fan. As a graduate of The Ohio State University you are more likely to find him shouting at a Big 10 (14?) team, but he also prefers …
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Pure Romance CEO Establishes “Living with Change” Foundation to support LGBT resources
January 31, 2018
Chris Cicchinelli, CEO and president of Cincinnati-based Pure Romance, and his wife, Jessica, announced today the establishment of the Living with Change Foundation in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s to bring a Center of Excellence for LGBT Health to Cincinnati.
| Cincinnati, OH ARTICLES | #GayOhio | @ILoveGayOhio |
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Gay-rights advocate has long used drag-queen act to raise money for charities
January 29, 2018
Crumpled dollar bills rain down from the balcony as the crowd roars approval for the drag queen dressed all in white.
A woman in the front row is shouting louder than the rest, wildly waving her arms at the end of the 20-year-old’s performance.
Nina West, the glamorous host of the amateur drag competition, hands the woman the microphone. “That’s my son! That&rsquo...

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Ohio bill looks to add LGBT protections
January 18, 2018
Bill would bar discrimination in housing, employment.
| Ohio ARTICLES | #GayOhio | @ILoveGayOhio |
| Business ARTICLES | #LGBTBiz | @ILoveLGBTBiz |

Equitas Health Earns Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike Designation
January 11, 2018
| Columbus, OH ARTICLES | #GayColumbus | @ILoveGayOhio |
| Designer ARTICLES |
| Health & Fitness ARTICLES | #GayHealth | @ILoveGayHealth |

Vibe endures as a popular neighborhood LGBT bar
December 19, 2017
Vibe Bar has been named Cleveland's best LGBT friendly bar for the past three straight years. Patrons and employees talk about its appeal.
| Cleveland, OH ARTICLES | #GayOhio | @ILoveGayOhio |
| Bar Life ARTICLES | #GayBars | @ILoveGayBars |
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Bounce Night Club, one of Cleveland's most Prominent LGBT bars,is now closed
December 16, 2017
Bounce Nightclub, a prominent LGBT bar on Detroit Avenue, is now closed.
| Cleveland, OH ARTICLES | #GayOhio | @ILoveGayOhio |
| Bar Life ARTICLES | #GayBars | @ILoveGayBars |
| Local News ARTICLES | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

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