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'The gym saved my life': How this gay fitness superstar redefined his life after being outed against his will
May 18, 2018
From Darcy Pierce to Darcy Fierce, one man's journey through homophobia and depression to become his authentic self.
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Fitness ARTICLES | #GayFitness | @ILoveGayFitness |

Queer athletes are using sport to give back to the LGBT community
May 10, 2018
For many queer folks, the locker room has never been a safe space.
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Spa Life ARTICLES | #GaySpa | @ILoveGaySpas |
| Sports ARTICLES | #GaySports | @ILoveGaySports |

What can you do to help LGBT refugees?
May 08, 2018
Write your MP, get a newcomer a library card or just be a friend — there are many ways to pitch in
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Global ARTICLES | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

Here's the Full 2018 Lineup for Toronto's LGBT Film Festival Inside Out
May 07, 2018
Now in its 28th year, Toronto's long-running LGBT film festival Inside Out continues to put forth some seriously impressive programming
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Movies & Film ARTICLES | #GayFilm | @ILoveGayMovies |
| Entertainment ARTICLES | #GayMovies | @ILoveGayMovies |

Rainbow Railroad to Receive IGLTA’s Pathfinder Award
February 12, 2018
The international organization headquartered in Toronto, which helps persecuted LGBTQ individuals reach safety, will be honored on 11 May at the Voyage benefit during IGLTA’s 35th Anniversary Global Convention
IGLTA  -   View More Article Entries   |   View Business Listing

| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Global ARTICLES | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

How Ontario Is Approaching Inclusive Prosperity
January 18, 2018
At a time when the U.S. is cutting investments in shared public goods, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne talks about her more progressive path forward.
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Business ARTICLES | #LGBTBiz | @ILoveLGBTBiz |

Toronto: The perfect home for LGBT community
January 07, 2018
Why South Asian LGBTs find Toronto a haven
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Asian ARTICLES | #Gaysian |
| Local News ARTICLES | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

Toronto's Gay Village denizens increasingly fearful for safety
December 08, 2017
Spate of missing-person cases in recent years remains unsolved, while police response panned
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Local News ARTICLES | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

Toronto neighbourhood wants to start a safe walk program
December 05, 2017
The wave of disappearances over the past few weeks has set the Church and Wellesley community on edge and residents have begun taking steps t
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Local News ARTICLES | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

Progress for LGBT Canadians has come quickly, but with speed comes consequences
November 29, 2017
The Canadian government’s LGBT apology is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how quickly. But has the fight for those rights been forgotten along the way?
| Ottawa, ON ARTICLES | #GayCanada | @ILoveGayOttawa |
| Global ARTICLES | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

Victims of Canada’s ‘Gay Purge’ to Get Apology from Trudeau
November 22, 2017
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will apologize next week for a program that removed perhaps thousands of gays and lesbians from the public service, the military and the Mounties.
| Ottawa, ON ARTICLES | #GayCanada | @ILoveGayOttawa |
| Military ARTICLES | #GayMilitary |
| Global ARTICLES | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

Arielle & Vinny Explore Toronto
November 15, 2017
Toronto has an incredible history with the LGBT community, going back decades to when the area affectionately known as “The Village”, centered at Church and Wellesley, was the focal poi…
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Travel ARTICLES | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Ticket to heaven: activists pluck LGBT people from danger
November 12, 2017
Homosexuality is outlawed in more than 70 nations and punishable with death in eight, including Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Activist ARTICLES |
| Global ARTICLES | #GayWorldNews | @ILoveGayLGBT |

Restaurant With HIV+ Chefs Wants Diners To Confront The Stigma
November 10, 2017
"I got HIV from pasta, said no one ever."
| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Food & Wine ARTICLES | #GayFoodie | @ILoveGayFoodies |

A Gay Teacher’s Epiphany: “Kids Don’t Think The Way Adults Do”
November 07, 2017
Against a colleague’s well-meaning advice, a Toronto teacher came out to his students last September–and was surprised by how open-minded they were.

| Toronto, ON ARTICLES | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Youth ARTICLES | #LGBTYouth | @ILoveGayYouth |
| Family & Parenting ARTICLES | #GayParents | @ILoveGayParents |

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