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Hong Kong has the 2022 Gay Games. Life for China’s LGBTI people may improve at last
November 13, 2017
I’m glad that Hong Kong won the bid. But governmental attitudes here and in China remain archaic, says Yiu-tung Suen, director of the sexualities research programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Games Win Puts Focus on Banks' Gay Rights Push in Hong Kong
November 01, 2017
Hong Kong’s winning of the 2022 Gay Games puts the spotlight on a campaign by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, BlackRock Inc. and other financial institutions calling on the Hong Kong government to make progress on gay rights or risk diminishing the city’s status as a competitive place for global talent.
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Federation of Gay Games Announces Hong Kong As 2022 Gay Games XI Presumptive Host
October 30, 2017
Paris, France
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Top 5 Chinese LGBT apps in 2017
October 28, 2017
LGBT apps are becoming more and more popular in China. Here are the top 5.
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Top 5 Chinese LGBT apps in 2017
October 28, 2017
LGBT apps are becoming more and more popular in China. Here are the top 5.
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LGBT Life in China: Obstacles and Inspiration (Part 2 of 2)
October 19, 2017
By Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis– In Part 1, published in the prior issue of the San Francisco Bay Times, we discussed our recent trip to China and our impressions concerning the struggles gay people face over coming out, and the obstacles the community faces with the current broader government crackdown. Here, in Part 2, …
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This summer, hundreds of gay Chinese people took a cruise with their parents to learn to connect
October 13, 2017
When Zhou Chenguang invited his mother to take a trip with him, he didn’t tell her that the Glory Sea wasn’t just another cruise. It wasn’t until she was boarding and saw a guy unrolling a rainbow flag that she realized her son had brought her onto a ship packed with "comrades," as ga
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LGBT Life in China: Obstacles and Inspiration (Part 1 of 2)
October 06, 2017
We realized that things would be a bit different on our recent trip to China—to talk about love, marriage, and LGBT equality—when organizers of our first event told us that they would not be publicizing it on the internet for fear the government would shut it down. People, however, …
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Highlights of upcoming Pink Season Hong Kong LGBT festival
September 29, 2017
Five weeks of celebration as the LGBT festival launches at Petticoat Lane on Saturday. Expect art events, educational seminars, the Urban Race, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and a huge beach party in Shek O to finish
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'A landmark judgment': Legal experts and banks react to Hong Kong's key LGBT court ruling
September 27, 2017
Legal experts have hailed the Court of Appeal’s “landmark” decision on Monday to rule in favour of a lesbian expatriate who was previously refused a spousal visa by the Immigration Department. The applicant, QT, entered into a civil partnership with another woman, SS, in the UK in 2011. But when SS …
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Queer getaways give China’s LGBT tourists a break from it all
September 10, 2017
Cities with thriving alternative scenes such as Bangkok and Taipei offer a welcome escape for the mainland’s LGBT community, a researcher says
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Film by Beijing Students Explores Being Young and Transgender in China
August 18, 2017
The high school students made “Escape,’’ a film about a transgender teenager’s journey to self-acceptance, to raise awareness about the struggles of transgender people.
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Struggles Facing China’s LGBT Community Go Far Beyond Marriage
July 28, 2017
The court ruling paving the way for same-sex marriage in Taiwan prompted speculation about similar gains elsewhere in Asia, though China does not seem a likely candidate in the short term. In an email interview, Hoping, a Chinese activist, describes the Chinese movement's current priorities and challenges.
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Chinese high school pupils make film tackling LGBT issues
July 25, 2017
Team of 37 youngsters produces, directs and stars in movie designed to raise public awareness of ‘widely ignored’ group
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Young, gay, and Chinese: How a new generation comes out
July 12, 2017
Deep-seated cultural expectations for each generation to produce a male heir create pressure to conform. But a new generation is more willing to take a stand on their sexuality.
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