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Full Steam Ahead: China's First LGBT Cruise Launches
April 05, 2017
Don’t you need to get away?  Wind-whipped winter is nearly (nearly!) behind us, and what better way to embrace the summer ahead than with a cruise? Not just any cruise, mind you, but China’s first-ever LGBT cruise. 
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Blued, China's #1 Gay Social Media App Sponsors OUTFEST & Invites You to DTLA's Newest Gay Bar Redline
June 10, 2015
Blued, China’s #1 social media app announced today its ongoing commitment to the western market with a day sponsorship on Saturday July 11th during Outfest, Los Angeles’ LGBT Film Festival from July 9 - 19th. They are also planning a launch party in Los Angeles on Saturday on the 11th at Redline Bar, downtown Los Angeles’ newest Gay bar.
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China’s LGBT Consumers: How Luxury Can Tap Into a $300 Billion Market
April 24, 2015
Long an important target for marketers in the West, LGBT consumers often have higher disposable incomes and lead consumer trends. With public acceptance of LGBT people continuing to grow worldwide, it’s time for brands to think global when developing their marketing strategies to this community.
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Slicker Cities - Hong Kong
December 28, 2014
We bring you the #OutThereTravel #SlickerCities guide to #HongKong http://t.co/dO8N4kihZt #Travel #Guide #LuxuryTravel #GayTravel #Insider
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LGBT travel in China an unrealized market
August 14, 2014
THE annual purchasing power of China’s LGBT community is estimated at US$470 billion and the travel industry is a major player, prompting tourism companies to get more serious about tapping into what could be a lucrative market. The first survey to explore the purchasing power, preferences and motivations of China’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community was released l...
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Best Hong Kong LGBT bars of yesteryear
January 02, 2014
Keeping up with the rapidly changing consumer cultures and egregious rent increases poses aching challenges for restaurants, clubs and bars – especially when it comes to...
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