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How gay Singaporean author Ovidia Yu is softly fighting the system
August 11, 2017
With two new crime novels out this summer that mesh their mysteries with subtle social commentary, Yu is showing that you don’t have to be angry and aggressive to make political points
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How LGBT Activists Are Marshaling Support From Singapore’s Private Sector
August 08, 2017
Plans for an annual festival in Singapore supporting LGBT rights came under threat last year when the government denied sponsorship requests from multinational companies. In an email interview, Linda Lakhdhir, a legal adviser for Human Rights Watch, describes how local companies stepped in to provide support.
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Tech and media giants ask permission to support LGBT event Pink Dot Singapore
June 15, 2017
Tech and media giants have written to the Singapore Police Force today to request permission to support the Pink Dot Festival in Singapore.
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Team of lawyers create guidebook for LGBT couples in Singapore
March 13, 2017
What do you do when you cannot marry your long-term partner but want to buy a home together? If you want to have or adopt children, what are the laws around that?.
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LGBT Life in Singapore
January 16, 2017
Notice the gay man helping his dying father into a car, so that they can go watch the river that his father has always loved. When his father is hospitalized
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Youth Activist Daryl Yang: Politics Not The Only Answer To Singapore LGBT Progress
January 03, 2017
The power of the youth to volunteer and stand together will push LGBT progress forward, Daryl says.
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Google backs Pink Dot SG despite government directive that foreign companies need a permit to sponsor annual LGBT rally
October 21, 2016
Google is to go ahead with its backing of Pink Dot SG despite a Singapore government directive issued today that international companies need a permit to sponsor the annual LGBT rally at Speaker’s Corner.
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