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World Gay Rodeo comes to Albuquerque
October 22, 2017
A different kind of rodeo is in the Duke City this weekend.
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LGBT-friendly laws earn ABQ a high score
October 20, 2017
Albuquerque has scored highest in the state and higher than the national average in the sixth annual study of LGBT-friendly laws, policies and services in cities across the nation.…
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Albuquerque Realtor Jim Sutton Commemorates 20th Anniversary
October 17, 2017
Realtor Jim Sutton, qualifying broker at Century 21 Unica Real Estate, is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a real estate professional. “It’s been great. I love my clients, my city and my community. Thank you all for such a fun career,” said Sutton, a gay Realtor and LGBT real estate specialist.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
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Gay and Lesbian Film Fest Goes WAY Out
October 16, 2017
The Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival sheds the accurate if prosaic title, trading it in for the far jazzier descriptor Way OUT West.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
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NM Reacts to Trump's Rollback on LGBT Rights, Birth Control
October 09, 2017
A group in New Mexico that advocates for reproductive justice and health care says the state's rural communities will suffer the most from the Trump administration's decision Friday to limit birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The employer contraceptive coverage mandate under ACA regulations provided access to birth control to more than 62 million women and saved women $1.4 billi...
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
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Feeling deserted by mayor, gay pride organizers choose Trujillo as grand marshal
September 16, 2017
“It was almost like the mayor was MIA," said Richard Brethour-Bell, president of the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance.
| Santa Fe, NM ARTICLES | @ILoveGayABQ |
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New book, exhibit sharing stories of LGBT military members
September 05, 2017
A local 'one of a kind' museum is sharing intimate stories, some never told before, from LGBTQ members of the military.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
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Congressional election in New Mexico set to be diverse race
July 22, 2017
The primary race for an open congressional seat in central New Mexico is set to become one of the most diverse in the country.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Latinx/Hispanic ARTICLES | #QueerLatinx | @IHeartQLatinx |
| Politics & Law ARTICLES | #LGBTPolitics |

Albuquerque holds Gay Pride parade
June 12, 2017
This weekend marks Albuquerque's 41st annual PrideFest, which started Saturday with a march starting at Robinson Park Downtown. Organizers of the festival expected about 14,000 people from throughout the Southwest to attend the various planned events. Due to the mayor's ART transit project construction, this year’s parade was moved off Central Avenue. Instead participants danced…
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Meet the Gender-Smashing Muxes of Mexico — Not Man, Woman, Trans or Gay
May 18, 2017
"It's a way of being," explained one muxe, Felina Santiago. "Whereas you are a man or a woman, we have the best of both worlds."
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Latinx/Hispanic ARTICLES | #QueerLatinx | @IHeartQLatinx |
| Lifestyle ARTICLES | #GayLife |

Meet Niña Dioz, Mexico's First Openly Gay Female Hip-Hop Artist
May 09, 2017
Niña Dioz Tells AfterEllen what it's like to be the only openly lesbian hip-hop artist in Mexico, and shares her new music video, "Dale."
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Music ARTICLES | #GayMusic | @ILoveGayMusic |
| Lesbian | #LesbianLife

Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City
April 17, 2017
Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is best known for her many self-portraits, 55 in all, which comprise around half of her corpus of paintings.
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Latinx/Hispanic ARTICLES | #QueerLatinx | @IHeartQLatinx |
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Meet the gay Mexican football team looking to win big in Trump’s America
April 10, 2017
As hard as the governing bodies try to unpick the thread
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Winter Sports ARTICLES | #GaySkiWeek | @ILoveGayWSports |
| Sports ARTICLES | #GaySports | @ILoveGaySports |

Where to Celebrate LGBT Pride in Mexico
April 04, 2017
The cities where the rainbow shines brightest
| Albuquerque, NM ARTICLES | #GayABQ | @ILoveGayABQ |
| Pride ARTICLES | #GayPride | @ILoveLGBTPride |
| Events ARTICLES | #GayEvents | @ILoveLGBTPride |

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