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Pets On Parade As Part Of Sydney's Largest Demonstration For LGBT Rights
September 12, 2017
Activists and their dogs came out to show support for marriage equality ahead of Australia's upcoming postal survey.
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New Theatre Launches Queer Fringe; Line-Up Announced
August 28, 2017
In 2016, New Theatre was the proud recipient of the ACON Honour Award for Arts & Entertainment, in recognition of our 25-year commitment to LGBTQI content, including our annual production for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and for acknowledging diverse sexualities and genders as an important demographic within the theatre's community and audience.
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The Homosexuals or 'Faggots' takes aim at the urban gay elite
March 21, 2017
Declan Greene hopes his new play will make "the beating heart of Sydney's gay male privilege" pause for thought
| Sydney, NSW Australia ARTICLES | #GaySydney | @ILoveGaySydney |
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Olympian Greg Louganis on mental health struggles and being a gay athlete in sport
March 03, 2017
Greg Louganis was once the darling of diving. The American made a worldwide splash when he went on to win his fourth Olympic gold at the 1988 Seoul games afte
| Sydney, NSW Australia ARTICLES | #GaySydney | @ILoveGaySydney |
| Winter Sports ARTICLES | #GaySkiWeek | @ILoveGayWSports |
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Singer Greg Gould: ‘I was told not to be too gay’
February 28, 2017
GREG Gould was just 16 when he auditioned for Australian Idol in 2005, and he already knew without doubt that he wanted to be a professional singer. Music and singing
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There's a powerful conservative case to be made for gay marriage in Australia
February 20, 2017
On January 1 this year, the tiny territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic became the latest country to allow same-sex marriage. Its elected council voted for the reform after a consultation found that a majority of its 5600 residents supported the change. After all, isn't that what's meant to happen in a representative democracy?
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Honour is a reflection of hard work, says gay rugby pioneer Andrew Purchas
January 26, 2017
The Sydney Convicts founder says he is proud of his achievements over the past 15 years after receiving an OAM for promoting equality in the sport
| Sydney, NSW Australia ARTICLES | #GaySydney | @ILoveGaySydney |
| Winter Sports ARTICLES | #GaySkiWeek | @ILoveGayWSports |
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They’re Here, They’re Queer, They’re Nominated For Young Australian Of The Year
November 03, 2016
Honouring Australians who make us proud, the Australian of the Year Awards celebrate the achievements and contributions of inspiring Australians.
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