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He Was a Gay Man on Staff at a Catholic Parish. Then the Threats Began Coming In.
December 31, 2018
Some Catholic parishes have quietly welcomed gay parishioners and staff. But in the aftermath of the sex abuse crisis, there is a campaign to push them out.
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After 58 years, it's last call for The Caliph, one of San Diego's longest-running gay bars
December 28, 2018
The Caliph piano bar and lounge in Bankers Hill is closing on New Year's Eve, ending a historic, nearly 60-year run as one of San Diego’s most iconic gay bars.
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South Bay's LGBTQ celebration continues to grow
September 08, 2018
Saturday’s South Bay Pride, will have live music, food and drink vendors, performers from RuPaul’s Drag Race, paddleboard and kayaks on the bay, face painting and balloon animals for the kids, and an official proclamation from the mayor of Chula Vista.
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'The Flash' Will Introduce a New LGBT Character in Season 5
July 29, 2018
The Flash will introduce a new LGBT character when the show returns for its fifth season.Announced during The CW series' panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, there weren't a lot of details provided about the character, but this won't be the first LGBT character on the series. Star City [...]
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San Diego Pride 2018: What San Diego Pride means to me
July 13, 2018
Members of San Diego community tell us "What San Diego Pride means to me ..."
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Pride ARTICLES | #GayPride | @ILoveLGBTPride |
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$1 Million Gift to SDSU Supports Pride Center, LGBT Studies
July 12, 2018
Robert DeKoven, a former Associated Students president at San Diego State University in the late 1970s, has made a planned gift to support SDSU’s Pride Center and LGBT Studies Program.  The $1 million gift was announced July 11 at SDSU’s Pride Flag Raising Ceremony, an annual campus event. SDSU is the second university in the United States and the first in California to offer a major in LGBT studi...
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Local News ARTICLES | #GayLocalNews | @LGBTPinkieB |

Back story: LGBT history in San Diego
July 09, 2018
Staff writer John Wilkens discusses the new History Center exhibit.
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Writer ARTICLES |
| History ARTICLES | #LGBTHistory | @ILoveGayHistory |

'Queer Latina Attorney' Takes Over at San Diego LGBT Community Center
July 03, 2018
Caroline Dessert took over Monday as chief executive officer of the San Diego LGBT Community Center.
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
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First Person: Strengthening North County's Gay Community
June 13, 2018
Max Disposti remembers speaking with North County politicians and school board members a decade ago, hoping to get support for initiatives to increase the gay community’s visibility in the area. Instead he heard things like, there aren’t any LGBT students in the district. Those responses, and what felt like social pressure to effectively go back in the closet, inspired Disposti and others to form ...
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San Diego LGBT Pride Parade & Music Festival
June 08, 2018
Join NBC 7 & Telemundo 20 at the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade and Music Festival! The annual San Diego Pride Parade is among the largest in the United States, attracting over 100,00
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Pride ARTICLES | #GayPride | @ILoveLGBTPride |
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REVIEW: 'San Diego's Gay Bar History' is an important, eye-opening LGBT documentary
June 05, 2018
The history of San Diego’s LGBT community is explored in Paul Detwiler’s “San Diego's Gay Bar History.”From The Sky Room at the top of The Cortez Hotel to the closing of Numbers to the renovations at The Brass Rail (now The Rail), this documentary covers over 60-years of San Diego’s LGBT night life.Today, everyone can go out on the weekend, go dancing at Rich’s or Urban Mo’s, catch a drag show sta...
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
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San Diego's First Affordable Senior Housing Community Designed To Support LGBT Seniors
April 28, 2018
The new North Park Senior Apartments have 75 units with rents ranging from $740 for a studio to $1,150 for a two-bedroom apartment.
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Seniors ARTICLES | #LGBTSeniors | @ILoveGaySeniors |

Alliance Healthcare Foundation Awards $1M in Mission Support Grants to San Diego, Imperial County
March 23, 2018
SAN DIEGO, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Alliance Healthcare Foundation Awards $1M in Mission Support Grants to San Diego, Imperial Count
| San Diego, CA ARTICLES | #GaySanDiego | @ILoveGaySD |
| Health & Fitness ARTICLES | #GayHealth | @ILoveGayHealth |

What Is the #ILoveGay Twitter 360° Network

What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Consumers?
To be the Best Community Hub
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What is our goal with #ILoveGay to Businesses?
To be the Best Brand to work with
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How Do We Do It?
We find the right mix of curating, retweeting, and liking content,
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We promote content, including advertisers', at the social media post level,
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More About Our Reach

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