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LGBT characters on U.S. TV at record highs
November 10, 2017
The number of lesbian, gay and transgender characters on U.S. television shows have reached record highs, and campaign group GLAAD said on Thursday that their stories were more important than ever given moves in the United States to roll back LGBT acceptance.
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I didn’t grow up with LGBT kids’ TV characters – but I found them elsewhere
October 30, 2017
The Disney Channel has introduced its first ever LGBT storyline in Andi Mack – but in my formative years, I had to look outside kids’ TV to find my small-screen role models
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Disney Channel featuring first LGBT storyline
October 26, 2017
Disney Channel's "Andi Mack" will feature its first LGBT storyline by having one of the main characters, 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman, discover his sexuality in season two.
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Binge-Worthy: Newcomers and Old Favorites Feature LGBT Characters and Queer Points of View
October 22, 2017
With the wild popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Orange Is the New Black, plus the inclusion of gay, trans and non-binar
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Indonesia considers ban on "destructive" LGBT-related TV content
October 16, 2017
Days after a long-running Indonesian television comedy aired last month, its producers got a letter from the broadcast commission warning that a male character in the show was "dressed and behaving like a woman" and could violate broadcasting standards.
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Issa Rae Is Ready To Tackle LGBT Issues On 'Insecure'
October 05, 2017
Issa Rae's Insecure just finished its second season, but for its third, the showrunner is ready to tackle LGBT issues. In an interview with BET, Rae discussed season one's relationship between Molly and Jared, the rent-a-car salesmen who admitted to Molly that he'd once received oral sex from a man. The revelation sparked conversation among fans about bisexuality and sexual fluidity.
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Will & Grace is back, and so is the debate over its place in LGBTQ history
September 30, 2017
Is the series revolutionary or a relic? It depends on who you ask.
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‘Will & Grace’ is back and wants to ‘make America gay again’
September 29, 2017
The year the NBC show premiered, 1998, was an inauspicious one for LGBT Americans.
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Gay Chinese man slams Liberal minister on his anti-gay marriage stance
September 19, 2017
A gay, Chinese man Alexander Lau (pictured) asked a conservative Liberal Party minister on live television why his relationship was worth less than his marriage.
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‘Will & Grace’ Is Back. Will Its Portrait of Gay Life Hold Up?
September 14, 2017
The groundbreaking NBC sitcom helped normalize gay characters in the 1990s. But its sharp-edged humor and stereotypes may feel out of step in the identity politics age.
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The Archers - A short history of being gay in Ambridge
September 07, 2017
From the first mention of the word 'gay' to the first gay wedding in soap history...
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Binge-Watch Season One of the Hit Webseries INDOOR BOYS!
September 04, 2017
The series follows Luke and Nate, two homebody roommates in a swanky LA apartment, as they try to figure out the boundaries of their no-boundaries friendship. Full of sharp dialogue, exciting guest stars, sexy-twists and hilarious turns, Indoor Boys adds a little more heat to your summer.
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TV Series Based on RuPaul’s Life Lands At Hulu
August 12, 2017
There’s about to be even more Ru on your TV screens. The television series based on RuPaul’s early days as a ’80s New York club kid has found a home at Hulu. The streaming platform has signed on to develop the half-hour dramedy, tentatively called Queen. As of now there are no more production developments …
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Why everyone – LGBT or not – should watch Olly Alexander: Growing up Gay
July 19, 2017
BBC3's new documentary from the Years and Years frontman shows how we can all help combat the LGBT mental health crisis
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Patrick Price, the Hottie of Newscasting
July 15, 2017
Palm Springs has been having record temperatures in the last couple of weeks – reaching 120 degrees!  But that isn’t the hottest thing in Palm Springs right now.  Meet Patrick Price; with handsome features, killer smile, winning personality and a PG-13 Instagram, this daily reporter on Palm Springs’s NBC’s KMIR is heating things up.   …
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