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@teeco71 Tommy Geraci

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@LGBTQFronts   |   #LGBTQFronts
Matt Skallerud

Business New York, NY  


Phone: 323 963 3653

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When & Where

June 27, 2019

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Debuting a new program designed for brands, advertising agencies, media planners & buyers, and anyone interested in learning about some of the latest in LGBTQ marketing opportunities from cutting-edge companies including #ILoveGay, Glitterbomb, Slay TV & Revry.TV. We'll also be including LGBTQ influencer presentations as well.

Designed as a series of fast-paced, 15-minute dynamic presentations on some of the latest trends & new opportunities in the LGBTQ media world... including new content, new talent & new capabilities for brands to consider partnering with when they are planning their strategies to reach their target LGBTQ demographic.

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Business Event Type: Business
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Region: New York City, NY
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